They are out there, they circle around the skies in their mighty flying machines, but they hide from us. They are watching us!


They have been changing us from the beginning with their own seed, watching the outcome of their experiments throughout the centuries and doing adjustments accordingly, checking us from time to time, taking some of us for a short time to see where exactly we are.


There are many paintings from the past about “Them”, many drawings on caves. They have been around since the beginning. So many pictures taken, so many films recorded; most of that can be fake, people trying to get famous or make some money, but it takes just one to be true to prove they exist.


How much is the government hiding? Do they know?


They are out there taking care of us, watching us as big brothers, waiting for us to grow enough to stop wars, to stop selfishness, to become old enough to understand finally that we are children of the cosmos, so become brothers together as we suppose to be.


Then “They” will come down and invite us to join them in the Big Reunion. Then we’ll finally get to meet them and be part of the whole, the universe.


In the meantime we have to keep growing since we are not ready yet. We are children as a race. Earth is a kindergarten and the human race behaves as its children. We need to learn the basics and stop fighting each other or feeling envy for what others have.


Several thousand years more we will be ready, grown enough, mature enough. In some several thousand years more we’ll stop wars as a way of fixing our problems and leave aside our conquering desires.


Only then they will see us as mature enough, as a developed race to the point of being worth to contact, only then they will consider inviting us to join them to be at their side, but for as long as we keep this behavior of violence, self interest and wars for personal gain they will remain aside. They will keep hiding.


If they came down now people would call the military instead of the representatives, governments would try to get their technology for weaponry knowledge and power instead of creating solutions to sicknesses and problems of hunger, to get them as allies for other’s control instead of

planetary health and balance.


They will keep hiding until we are grown enough.


We still see each other as complete strangers when clothing, language or religion is different, even if we are the same race, and when the body is different we become terrified!


We are not ready, we keep doing movies of monster aliens coming to conquer us and eat us! And we always solve those proposed situations with violence.


They will keep hiding, we are not ready yet, but some day we will, and we’ll be part of the universe, without differences between us or them, we will be one with the universe, as we suppose to be!



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