Induced Overweight



I used to be thin for the first 44 years of my life, and then suddenly became 1.35 times myself! I jumped from 132 to 178 lbs. What happened? Cheap food and flavor!


In the previous post How to Really Loose Weight! I told you about differences in eating customs and exercising between the US and my country in South America; if you read that post you noticed that the amount of food consumed back there is pretty small compared with here, and also the amount of exercise is bigger.


What happens is that food being so cheap here and having an automobile to my personal use I started to eat more than what I needed and exercise less than I should, so the result is becoming overweight.


With so much food available in such great variety at so small prices the instinct of survival that moves us to eat what’s available keeps kicking without the restriction of lack of money. If you add to that all the advertising about buying more you see is no wonder that it becomes the norm a high amount of food consumption, and with the facility of transportation, thus the lack of exercising, a general overweight problem occurs.


So first are the campaigns about “buy and eat more food” then is the campaigns about “buy weight loss products” and finally “buy medicines to prevent medical problems” And all starts with our instincts of survival that, when reached properly thru psychology in advertising, motivates us to “live to buy and consume” so we become overweight, and since it is the norm around, we accept it as the way it should be.


So the real program to loose weight is not about what kind of foods and in which amount, but how to control our own instinct of survival that pushes us to consume more food than we really need and motivate us to avoid physical activity every time we can.


It seems that it is more about “re-training” our brain than following a step by step program; learning to say NO to excessive food and inactivity instead of saying YES to the latest weight loss program, and it required of self control since there is no automatic control by high food and transportation costs that limit our access to them.


No need to spend money, just self control and motivation. It is all up to us!


Damn it!







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