How to Really Loose Weight



When it comes to losing weight and getting rid of excessive fat the amount of programs available out there is really annoying to say the least, and just the thought of counting calories and weighing portions of food becomes a burden that is not exactly enticing.


One of the recommendations that can be usually found in weight loss programs is that you have to eat small portions several times a day instead of just a couple of big meal everyday. Another recommendation is a regular exercising program like walking for 20 minutes three times a week.


Being born and raised in a South American country I have the opportunity to compare the “feeding” styles and the amount of exercise people normally have here and there.  


In my country we have the custom of four meals a day; this is an example of typical meals in any day:


Breakfast between 6-8 AM: A cup of tea and two slices of bread with margarine

Lunch between 12-2 PM: A small portion of rice and two o three slices of tomato

“Onces” between 4-5 PM: A cup of tea and two slices of bread with margarine

Dinner between 7-9 PM: A small portion of spaghetti with tomato sauce and a fried egg.


This is very close to the amounts of what is recommended in several diet programs out there (although not the “quality”), and fast food is expensive and portions smaller (for the same reason) so it is not normally consumed. The same can be said of soda pop; too expensive to drink everyday so regular or flavored water is the norm.


About exercising; it is typical to walk between two and four miles a day to catch a bus to go to work or school, which is even more than the recommended daily exercise in many weight loss programs.


So it’s no wonder that it is uncommon to find overweight people in South America, and the amount of energy people have is not less that what can be found here, actually, it is more, or at least for people over there is easier to move, run, jump, etc because of the bigger flexibility, more muscles and thinner size they have.


After doing a comparison of both systems it becomes clear to me that in order to loose weight and get fit there is no need to spend money in diet programs, gym memberships and specialty food, all that is needed is to eat less and exercise more!


Now where the hell do I find the commitment!






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