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Please Don’t Cry!

    Please don’t cry! It is so strange to see you crying without the chance to give you a hug and hold you for a while, not being able to wipe your tears and tell you something silly to … Continue reading

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Life Is Change

  I’ve seen people afraid of the changes that normally occur throughout their lives; it seems that they would like a “stable” environment without changes so they know what will be tomorrow, mostly because it will be the same as … Continue reading

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A Fraction Of A Second

    His hand moved quickly to reach for the pen and accidentally in the process touched the cup of coffee on the side, at the edge of the table. Some of the coffee was spilled and the cup started … Continue reading

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Alien Computer

    After my computer decided to work slowly and do its own stuff instead of mine I had no other option but to call an expert to take a look and see what was going on.   He came … Continue reading

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Look Poor To Look Rich

     Have you been at a restaurant that tries to resemble an old house from a far away place? There are painted crack on the wall and painted bricks showing behind painted falling stucco; wooden chairs and varied decorations … Continue reading

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