Waiting to Die



I’ve seen many people in my life that seems to me they are just simply waiting to die; I’m not talking about those who have a terrible, incurable sickness, but normal, healthy people that spend their days just watching TV or reading a book with no other purpose that filling in the years.


Some of this people are in retirement and think that after a lifetime of work the only reason for existence is do…NOTHING!


It really surprises me since I always though that the main reason why most people dream of reaching the day of their retirement is to have finally enough time available to do the things they enjoy the most, but never had the time before. That would sound to me like a logical thought, but when I see some people that after retirement stop all activities and just spend the days sitting in the couch in between watching TV and napping…I just don’t get it!


It seems to me that they are basically waiting to die. I always thought that the reason to be alive is to experience life itself, and after a lifetime of work, especially when there was never enough spare time for more personal activities, it’ll be the perfect time to do all the other stuff.


Some would go traveling, hiking those hidden paths, working on a hobby, golfing, fishing, collecting stamps, whatever, but something! I agree that having time to finally being able to watch some TV and especially some specific programs or movies that never had the time before is fine, but when it is the only activity day after day, month after month and having the TV set in no specific program but just turned ON, then it means just filling in the days waiting for the end; what a waste!


I can understand also that after a lifetime of work taking a couple of months just to enjoy not having any obligation, and spend the days like a continuous vacation, with no activities at all but just sleeping long hours and doing nothing the rest of the day is understandable, but I believe any normal human being would start to feel extremely bored after a couple of month of inactivity and will automatically look for some activity to spend their time, but not this people I’m talking about.


It really surprises me when I see some people in this kind of behavior. Seating in a couch, the TV set ON all day in no specific program, switching between watching and napping, all day, everyday, month after month, year after year, basically…waiting to die!





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2 Responses to Waiting to Die

  1. I am 46 years of age and I am as you describe, doing pretty much nothing and waiting to die. It wasn’t always this way, in fact I tried very hard for many years to keep myself constantly busy so I wouldn’t revert back to the way I had been in the past; just waiting to die. I accept this is the way I am now. Every day I hope will be my last. I very much hope I, who wants to move on from my life, will develop a fatal illness and someone who wants to live will receive a reciprocal reprieve. In the meantime I think about taking my own life every day but do not because of the pain it would cause my father and sister (I have no friends). If they died before me then I would almost certainly try and hopefully succeed in taking my life.

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    It is definitely different from one person to another; maybe the circumstances, maybe the personality, or a combination of both.

    I am 48 years old (in July this year) and have so many plans about all the things I want to adapt, change and do about my life, so when I reach my 50’s I’ll be able to start living my “Second Life”

    By then most of the elements that compose my actual life will be changed and then will be the perfect time to start something different. It’ll be the time to try all the things (or several of them at least) that I’ve been unable to experience due to simply the way things developed throughout the years. I can’t wait! The future looks so enticing.

    .-= Raul Ojeda´s last blog ..Two Sides of a Coin =-.

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