Inside a Picture



Watching a picture, just a simple picture, then imagination can be triggered to create a whole world around the lines, the colors.


Seating in front of the computer looking at the image in the screen; no movement, no sound, just the image, seated without moving, all muscles relaxed. What is it? A landscape? A vehicle? A human body?


Then the own body is left behind while the mind flies away in a trip without physical laws, where everything is possible since everything is created one sided. And new worlds can open in front of oneself, worlds that are created as needed, as traveled.


One second or twenty minutes, it’s all the same; time doesn’t exist when the mind flies away from the body. We can find the perfect place to live, the perfect situation, the perfect lover!


Images in this mind world are created from memories of an experienced physical world, so is fantasy based on reality. It is a great way to escape from moments of harsh reality to a world where situations can be perfect.


So I wonder…


A healthy relaxation technique…could become a dangerous situation when limits are stretched to a point where the connection between fantasy and reality snap from each other, and the person coming back to reality could not be the same anymore?


Just a thought.







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