I’m Going To Die!



Watching TV can be very stressing.


Have you noticed how many ads about medicines are available every hour? If you listen to all they say you’ll see that you are at a high risk of heart attack, low in calcium, suffer from all sort of allergies, have pain in joints and lower back, suffer from dry eyes, etc.


I didn’t know I was a walking piece of sh…in need of so many pills to recover and prevent so many sicknesses that surrounds me like starving house flies!


The problem is that many people believe all this publicity and forget that companies are just trying to sell. Some people suffer from several problems and need medicine, true, but the majority doesn’t need them, remember, vaccination consist of giving you a controlled amount of the sickness so your body creates antibodies to self protect; if you take medicines for the smallest symptom your body is never able to create defenses.


After all medicines available here in the US life span hasn’t increased compared with other countries, by the opposite, people live longer in other places. They take fewer medicines and eat less crap!


With all that stuff of extra purified foods (check the labels) pills for everything, purified water, even cleaners that kills 99.99 % of bacteria, etc. people here is becoming less resistant to sicknesses; just try drinking water in other countries, most people from here get sick but not the locals.


Many people have become dependant on medicine to keep going and too fragile to resist foods in their original state; it is a circle, labs convince people they need their pills so they make business, people use them for no real reason, after years they become fragile, get sick more often so labs sell more medicine, get more business, like drug dealers! No wonder that medicines are also called drugs!


The truth is, eat a good variety of common foods in small amounts, drink tap water and exercise often, but real exercise, not just a brisk 30 minutes walk 3 times per week, but rather running 30 minutes everyday. You’ll be able to do the same anywhere in the world and not to get sick so easily, will save a bunch of money in medicines and “organic” foods that you wont need and as a bonus…live longer.






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