It Was a Stupid Joke!



I remember when I was twelve years old; it was a Sunday afternoon, I was watching TV in the living room while my parents where in the backyard chatting with my uncle who was visiting us.


On TV there was an old black and white boring movie and I was watching it just because I was bored too, seating on the couch, fighting not to fall asleep.


My uncle came into the house to use the bathroom and after that stopped for a couple of seconds and watched the movie with me, then said a joke related to the scene at that moment on TV. I can’t remember what the joke was, but I do remember laughing like crazy, then my uncle, without a word, left to the backyard where my parents were waiting to resume the chat.


It was a stupid joke I know, nothing to remember, but that simple situation, that short joke for just a couple of seconds changed my day. I wasn’t bored anymore.


When my son was born fourteen years later I remembered that moment with my uncle and took a decision, I would try hard to create jokes everyday for my son to make him laugh while he was growing, so he could remember many good times in his childhood.


One single stupid joke one single boring day saved my day and made a memory for a lifetime for me. So I tried to make stupid jokes everyday for my son to make him laugh, hoping with that to contribute to many good memories in his childhood.


Today he is twenty one. I don’t know if those years of burning my brain to create stupid jokes everyday had made a difference, but I do know that he is very good doing imitations of people and animals, he is very quick to throw a joke at any time, and he is always laughing. Maybe is a genetic thing, maybe he learned at school, who knows, what I know is that he seems to be a happy kid, we had a wonderful time together while he was growing, we did laugh so much everyday and still we do today.


With all this I’ve learned something in my life.


Sometimes just a word, a stupid joke, a simple touch, can make a difference to someone in life, like my uncle did in mine some thirty years ago, and with that, contributed to a better relationship between my son and me, and maybe a happier childhood for my son.


We can make a difference for others, all that it takes is to stop thinking about our problems for a couple of seconds and see how we can help the other person to lift his/her mood.


We will never know how important that could be in the other person’s life.






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