Why Alien Ghost



The short version:


I’m crazy!


The long version:


For some, still unknown reason, I was born very weak and spent the first seven years of my life mostly in bed, with an average of only three months on my feet, with high fever that led to seizures that looked very close to epilepsy and made me have hallucinations.


Series of ninety injections in three months (three times a day), repeated two or three times a year, kept me in an almost permanent state of being “high”


Because of this condition, I spent a good deal of time thinking and imagining things, based on my hallucinations and trying to figure out how it would be “out there” while laying in bed too weak to move.


By the age of five my father taught me how to read and write (in Spanish) so I could start going to school to first grade (there was no kindergarten at that time in that small town) and with it, the opportunity for me to write my thoughts and things from my imagination.


I remember lying in my bed trying to figure out how to create artificial gravity in space and coming to the conclusion of a giant rotating cylinder with everything inside attached to the inner walls, after my father explained me what centrifugal force was. But I didn’t know how to kick a ball with my feet!


When finally I got better (by the age of eight) and became able to go to school normally, and have the chance to participate, I found myself unable to do that, mostly because I couldn’t understand the behavior of other kids.


The solution to that problem became (or at least that’s what I thought) to start reading books about human behavior so to understand other kids and being able to act like them, to be part of them.


Wrong! The more I learned about human nature, the bigger the distance.


So the following seven years, and after trying more and more to be like other kids, finally when reaching my fifteenth birthday I decide that I was born to be “abnormal” and accepted that condition, hence Alien Ghost was born.


Then the reading of human psychology books became a joy instead of a task and the observations of people’s behavior turned into a hobby rather than a necessity to be able to participate.


So you see, Alien Ghost is mostly a reflection of my own personality and now, after many years on this planet, I’ve decided to start a blog as a way to put this thoughts and questions in writing for people to read.


So why Alien Ghost?


Alien is the reflection of feeling different, misadjusted, not being part of the group, the people around, the system. It is the one that doesn’t pertain even if is one of the same.


Ghost is the reflection of standing there but not being seen by others, being present but occult at plain view in the same room. It is the one that walks around without being perceived by others.


Alien Ghost is then the one that never felt part of the whole, the one that was always different and distant, the one that observes and analyses standing there but not being perceived by the rest, the others, the normal ones.


So a problem becomes a possibility, a difference becomes an advantage, the inability to participate turns into an opportunity to observe and analyze, and now the electronic age the  communication channel to offer a lifetime of observations from a different angle and conclusions based on a different perception of the same common elements for everybody else.  


Alien Ghost is a different, alternative vision, a different perspective of the same situations with a new perception.


And who knows, maybe I’ll find some people who share the same thoughts and we can become a “herd of abnormal ones” having fun looking at this world with different eyes.






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3 Responses to Why Alien Ghost

  1. Interesting story to know. I do not think it is weird. I am sorry you were in bad health condition when you were young, seems you are doing fine now.

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Preeti,

    Thank you for taking the time to go back in time :)

    At that moment it seemed a bad thing to have the adaptation problems, but as soon as I accepted the situation it began to be a good thing and even fun!

    After so many years in this planet I can look back and feel happy with how things have gone :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Love as a Drug

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