Technologically Dumb!



Definitely computer technology is not my strongest point! It’s been several weeks of work just to get this blog up and running mostly because of the different aspects to deal with.


It is about finding the theme that applies better to what I want to show and the way I want to show it so it’ll reflect not only the content but also the “personality”


Also is about tinkering with little details like implementing a contact form for people to send me emails; I know it is just a pluggin that it is pretty much straight forward to install, but when you have no clue on what you are doing (like me) then a thousand mistakes can and will happen along the process, many times forcing you to delete everything and start all over again!


Then it is about implementing the different pages and their content, the kind and size of letter and the color you want to use, and every time something is changed, everything changes in the page and I can here myself saying “What?? How did that happened!?”


For many of you out there, especially young people, probably all of this stuff is really simple and straight forward, but for someone like me that got into a computer just a couple of years ago, and spent most of that time using the computer just to read emails and keep the family pictures, everything about starting a blog is new and sort of a giant task.


Talking about technology, I wrote all my notes, observations and short tales in Spanish from previous years in my computer so to keep them in a more manageable way and discarded the paper to save room; and to make sure everything was safe I made a copy in an external hard drive just in case, but some time ago my laptop crashed and required a change of hard drive, so all the writings there were lost.


No problem, I have a copy in that external hard drive!


After the laptop was repaired and running again I went to plug the external hard drive to copy all the writings back to my laptop and guess what, it didn’t turn on!


I tried the external hard drive in my son’s computer and nope, nothing happened… the external hard drive is crashed too!


So more than twenty years of writings; about 20 Gigabytes of words were lost in time and space!


I was depressed for about a week!


Well…I guess it can be taken as a motivation to learn this computer technology a little more…and have 10 external hard drives just in case!


Anyway, since the tinkering with the blog is mostly done, the time has come to start pouring some content so I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll be posting the next couple of days.







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4 Responses to Technologically Dumb!

  1. elizof says:

    Hello Raul,
    I enjoyed reading your post especially because it brought back memories of my early forays with technology.
    You also tell the hard drive crash story so beautifully and my heart hurt fr you.
    What a nightmare to see 20 years work vanish; your attitude though is great.
    Welcome to blogging and best wishes for years of great success.
    Enjoy the process, tell your stories and likeminded souls will read it.

  2. Patricia says:

    Saw your work on Barbara’s BWOB site…and just had to respond and comment. I am a year and a half into blogging. I can do none of the technical work on the blog. I pay someone to do it for me. It is very frustrating, but I like to write and I like the community…

    You are looking good and like you have started out well. Keep at it. Barbara’s site is a wealth of information sharing and referrals. I love her idea of having a test site…saves a lot of wear and tear and loss
    Best of luck to you

  3. Raul says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Yes it was very frustrating to loose 20 years of writing but “turning the page” I can think of the next 20 years to write some more.

  4. Raul says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Yes, the technical part sometimes become really complicated so the need to decide on dedicate more time to tweak the site or write content. For now I’m done with changes and will spend more time in writing.

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