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It’s been a long learning process that has extended for the past eighteen years and still today remains as a continuous task to apply myself at.


I never had formal training in the study of the English language other than some courses while at the equivalent of high school in my country some thirty years ago, and I still don’t understand how I manage to pass those courses!


Mostly what I’ve learnt throughout these years is while at different jobs, listening music and watching TV, together with the normal interacting with people that occurs in everyday life.


Perhaps the most difficult part has been when trying to retake the writing of my observations and tales since the common talk in the streets is different from the written word.


One thing that helped me in this process was the mutual challenge we had with my son on how long it’ll take us to read some books.


As a way to motivate him in reading and practice myself in the English language several years ago when he was about ten years old I challenged him to read faster than me the stories of books like “Animorphs” and “Star Wars” We read those books by turn and compared the number of hours it took us each; needles to say that after just a couple of books my son became the permanent winner in our little contest.


Another element that helped me in my learning process was a formal training I had at college here in the US in the program of Airframe and Powerplant; a program that I took mostly as a way of learning in several areas of aviation mechanics with the intention of applying that knowledge in the area of car restoration.


This program was provided in English and by the end of it (seventeen months) there were practical, written and oral tests, which I can proudly say I passed with an average of 96 percent and several gallons of sweat!


So now, with a still basic knowledge of the English language and in the process of improving it a little more everyday I undertake the task of writing posts for this blog.


For that reason don’t be surprised if the grammar aspect of my writing doesn’t quite fit some times, and if noting those mistakes you feel up to write me a quick note to let me know I’ll be thankful for your help.






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