Lonely People



It surprises me when I see so many lonely people today. In times when technology allows so easy communication with the internet, cell phones, and even easy transportation to visit someone, people seems to be so isolated!


Emails on the internet fly by millions but mostly re-sent messages of jokes, chain letters or spam. At least that’s 99 percent of what I get!


Looking around in any street I can see lots of people talking in their cell phones while walking, driving, and even jogging! So many features available, conference calls, picture taking capabilities, email, etc.


Yet people remain alone!


What’s going on? Going to a party I can see how they talk, laugh, dance, hook up, even fight, but they are like lonely units sharing one place where they exercise their speaking capability. They are not communicating!


A group seated at a table; they are talking, often many at once telling their story, everybody talks, no one listen, just short answers like “wow”, “really?”, “no kidding!” And they keep talking all night long.


What happened with that custom of talking by turns? One speaks, the others listen, then give their point of view while the one who spoke listen the other’s opinions. Ideas are put on the table and discussed, analyzed. Each one provides their knowledge in the matter and through “conversation” the idea is grown, polished, and everybody learn something from the others. Everybody grows a little more and get fond with each other; friendship develop.


In those groups talking today I can see more “monologues” in group than “conversations”


When I was a child the custom was children listen and observe while adults talk. With that we learn to absorb the meaning of the words and had time to think for an answer in case we were asked. Today I see parents on the cell phone while kids scream: “hold on a second…are you okay? these kids!…what was I telling you?”


People talk, they don’t communicate anymore.


Kids have become a problem instead of a joy, they mean paying daycare and complications for the couple to go out and have fun instead of now being a family, and with it, a change in lifestyle. Parents don’t play with their kids anymore.


When kids are five parents buy them toys.

When kids are ten parents buy them electronic devices.

When kids are fifteen parents buy them a car.

When kids are seventeen parents complain: “teenagers!”


They forgot how to develop a relationship with their kids. Kids didn’t learn how to develop a relationship at all. So now we have lonely people.


They try to buy more stuff, a bigger house, a bigger and newer sport utility, the latest cell phone, computer or car stereo so they can feel they are someone: “I am what I have, if I have nothing, I am no one” They are trying to buy through material stuff instead of self growth the attractiveness to others. What happened with: “I am what I do, this is what I can do, this is who I am”


As long as people keep on materialism they will remain alone!


When people recover the art of conversation they will be able to develop friendships with others and their own kids and family; after that they won’t feel alone anymore, and won’t need material stuff to be someone. They will know who they are.






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