Don’t Sleep Before You Die!



Long time ago, when I was fifteen (yup, loooong time ago!) I read somewhere that if you sleep eight hours a day, which is the recommended amount of hours by the experts, after sixty years of life you’ll have spent twenty years sleeping! Ouch! That means I’ll be “sleeping beauty” (okay, just sleeping me) for one third of my life. What a waste!


So if I sleep six hours a day instead of eight saving 2 hours a day, after a year is 730 hours, times 12 years is 8760 hours, divided by 24 hours in one day is 365 days, a whole year!


That means that after twelve years I’ll get an extra year to do things, and that’s not even considering eating right to live longer (that’s a tough one!)


So now you know, as long as you can function ok with less sleeping you are saving years to use as you want and enjoy life a little longer within the same time frame.






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