Ticket to Fly



After I dropped you at the airport and say bye all the thoughts and remorse came to me. What a stupid thing! I guess it was the nerves of several days apart, or maybe the fear of not seeing each other again, an accident, who knows.


You had to go, I had to stay, just a couple of days, no big deal.


Maybe it would be a lot easier if we haven’t had that fight in the morning; maybe if we had just hugged and kissed as always, but the stupid plate had to fall and break. One less in the set, so what! It wasn’t worth an argument, but we had it. Maybe it was the nerves.


Now I drive back home with this feeling of guilt for not fixing things between us before you departed. What if something happens? What if you never come back? What if I never get to hug you and kiss you again? I love you, but it’s too late to tell you now.


Traffic takes forever, like everything moving in slow motion; I drive like a robot, not even getting mad at the guy changing lanes too close in front of me. I’m thinking about you. The remorse; I should have apologized, say sorry and hugged you before you left; what if I never get to see you again?


Got home, our home! Park in the driveway and go inside the house, our place! Look inside, look at the wall and saw that painting we bought in a garage sale; I remember, we saw it and loved it! Immediately agreed that the wall over the fireplace was perfect! We bought it. I smile at the memory and then cry! How can I tell you now that I’m sorry! That I love you!


I need a cup of coffee, I need to relax; you told me that you will call as soon as you get there. I can apologize then!


Grab a cup, my cup, the one you gave me for my birthday. I love it, I love you, I miss you…I cry again!


I lift the cup and there is a piece of paper lying on the table, I grab it, there’s something written in it, I read it, I start crying again. So simple, so wonderful…like you! It’s your hand writing; it’s hard to see those three words with tears in my eyes, but I read it over and over again!


“I love you”




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