Rush Hour of Two



My job is night time delivery, which means a lot of driving in empty streets, and after many years there is something I still don’t understand.


If you are driving an empty street and another car appears behind you, most of the times the driver will accelerate until he reaches you and then remain driving at your side in the contiguous lane or just behind you. Why? There’s so much room in front and behind so why drive so close?


I know some drivers tend to push you to go faster so they also can go faster and if there is a police officer with a radar YOU get the ticket, not them, but most of the times they will follow you really close even if you are going slow.


Maybe they drive fast until reaching another vehicle and then remain at the same speed with the other so to make sure they are not going to fast? But then how about watching the speedometer instead?


I tend to think what would happen if a fox or a rabbit cross the street without warning (there are many in the area I deliver) and you are forced to brake or make an evasive maneuver?


What if a tire blows up and sends the vehicle out of control? There are so many things that could happen and there’ll be no room to maneuver without both cars colliding. I know, why to be so negative, but at the other hand why take unnecessary risks, especially when there is so much room available.


When driving night time in a main street you can always see cars going in groups and lots of room before and after them. I just don’t understand.


If we get together in a red traffic light, as soon as we are given the green light I tend to accelerate faster than the rest to drive alone. If they also go fast then I let the car coast to get behind with enough room for any possible emergency that might happen.


Maybe I like solitude? Maybe they are desperate for company? Who knows! I don’t.




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