If I’m standing in the street facing the wind and snow from a blizzard I can feel its force in my face and my body trying to push me to make me fall. I can feel the cold and the noise. I feel like I am alone, facing a monster that keeps on attacking me, trying to destroy me and my surroundings. I fell helpless, like a lonely rebel in a war against a dictatorship.


If I turn one hundred and eighty (180) degrees and face to the same direction the wind is blowing I can feel that wind and snow hitting my back, pushing me forward, and can see the snow blowing by my side and going ahead of me. I feel like I am part of this monster, watching it attack everyone in its path, trying to destroy everything, and even that I don’t want to be part of it I can feel that I am its accomplice for not stopping it, even if I can’t, but at the same time I feel protected by this monster because I am in its side, not facing it coming to destroy but watching the destruction created. I could feel guilty, like a small puppet employee of a dictatorship.


If I turn another ninety (90) degrees to my right I can feel the wind and snow coming from the right trying to destroy everything that is in the left, like if I was a neutral country watching a war between two political ideologies where the Right believers destroy the evil of Left believers, but if I turn another one hundred and eighty (180) degrees, then the Left believers would be destroying the Right believers, and I would be a neutral bystander watching cruel destruction somewhere else while my life goes on.


The same situation have a different meaning depending on from which position we observe and participate, so cannot be called a fact or a truth, just an opinion. There is no such thing as a Universal Truth, just personal truths and believes, and there can be as many truths as people in the argument; it will all depend on the personal points of view.


From my perspective you are wrong and from your perspective I am wrong, and we both are correct from our points of view, so there are two truths over the same problem, at the same time.










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