Being Pushed or Being Pulled



Moving through life we all go in specific directions and change accordingly to what happens in our lives, but there is a difference in moving because we are pushed or pulled.


An example: You move to another city where the climate is warmer; are you moving because you hate the cold? (being pushed) or because you love heat? (being pulled).


If we change jobs, end a relationship or start a new one, etc, all the movements we make in our life are push or pull depending in our motives.


Throughout life we see many people that move always being pushed and others always being pulled while the majority is in the mix of those two.


The reason why it is so important is that when we move in life mostly being pushed it means we are basically running away from where we are and will never be satisfied with where we get.  


It wasn’t a choice after all, we were trying to get away from the previous situation and end up in this one, “I’m here, but I want to go there because here is bad”


Those being pushed keep running away and are not always satisfied with what they get since it was never their choice where they ended up, they just tried to get away from there current situation and moved somewhere else.


Those who move being pulled are those who change their standing position in life motivated for improvements, “I am here, but I want to go there because there is better”


They move when there is something better in the horizon for them, so most of the times they are satisfied with what they get; they weren’t running away but the opposite, they were moving forward, improving things.


Of course, not always the result is what was wanted, but at least it is always an attempt to improve things and there is no fear in trying new possibilities, so if there is no improvement in the move there’s still the satisfaction of trying.


If we think about it and find the real motives for which we are changing things in our lives we’ll be able to realize if we are moving being pushed or pulled, so before taking big decisions about career, love and life in general we’ll know if we are trying to run away or improve, and with it, avoid frustrating situations were we can’t find the results and happiness we want.





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