Friends (Re-Post)

2016-08-25  Friends


They didn’t see the world together. They didn’t accomplish anything at all. They just happened to find each other in a day like any; and without even saying a word things seemed to click.

There was no time involved in their relationship, so maybe it couldn’t even be called as such; just a brief moment in time where they happened to be at the same place.

It was one of those things that cannot be explained…they were there, occupying the same place, without any specific activity or conversation. They didn’t talk, they didn’t touch, they didn’t look at each others eyes. They were just standing there, at the same place, at the same time.

Then the feelings of the surroundings suddenly changed. Like an abrupt temperature fluctuation or the appearance of a warm breeze. They felt it; they noticed something different around them, involving them.

Although nothing seemed to change in the outside around them, a warm, peaceful feeling inside took home in them both. The senses of loneliness they have been holding for a long time suddenly disappeared. The sadness that makes part of a grey life without any special motivation was nowhere to be found.

Only a feeling of peace and satisfaction became their essence…happiness!

A peaceful irradiation from each one…that was created from the peaceful irradiation that came from the other…that was generated by the peaceful irradiation from the first: Automated self feeding of a circular feeding…complete autonomy from the external world!

It lasted for just a couple of seconds. After the initial feeling and the realization they were perceiving each other, without self and mutual intention, they simply walked away and on to resume their daily lives.

Nothing really changed afterwards. The same routine, the same feelings and the same kind of grey life, except now they knew they were more than independent, isolated beings. Now they knew they weren’t alone because they felt the connection with another being, even if they never completed any sort of communication.

From that day they knew…someone, somewhere, was there…and they were not alone!



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The Spirit in the Mirror (Re-Post)

2016-08-22  The Spirit in the Mirror


While the image is just a reflection, the entity standing there could be considered the separation of itself from the body. There’s no physical existence in the image in the mirror, yet we can see it standing there, looking back to us.

Any intention, thought or feeling that makes us slightly twitch our face will be replicated by the image in the mirror, so we could assume it is our intentions, thoughts and feelings that are also there, being part of the image.

A perfect copy of the physical body without becoming physically existent!

Yet, that perfect copy of a body without a body, although capable of showing physical behavior, doesn’t have any physical possibilities. We are ourselves in the image in the mirror, yet, while being there, we exist without a physical body for a moment.

What if we take the physical body that creates the image in the mirror and leave just the image as the true existence of the being? Wouldn’t we be capable of thoughts and feelings, without the possibility of physical sensations? No pain, no hunger, no sicknesses, never getting old. A permanent representation of a non-existent physical shape.

When we see ourselves in a mirror, we could consider the image standing there as the separation of the entity we are, from the body where we are contained.

How will we use the presented possibility then? Will we consider the option of giving a bigger validation to thoughts and feelings rather than physical sensations? And with it, the need of dedicating time to the feeding of the image in the mirror rather than feeding the physical body that creates the image?

Just a crazy thought to get you a little confused.


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2016-08-18  Slingshot (1)


I thought it was just a toy. Many, many years ago (at the beginning of time) I used to have one of these when I was a child. Well, not exactly one of the professional ones I’ve found exist in these days. It used to look more like the one in the picture above. A wood slingshot made by myself with the right part of a fallen tree branch. Then some pieces of bicycle tube and a small part of fabric to hold the ammo (leather was too expensive, so there was no pieces of old, discarded leather laying around at the house).

Some time ago I bought one of those cheap slingshots they sell at Walmart; something like the picture below. It is nice and small enough to still carry in a pocket, but powerful enough to have fun in the open.


2016-08-18  Slingshot (2)


We all know even though these are considered mostly toys, they still can be very dangerous when used without care. In fact, maybe due to this is that now there are so many variations being sold to the public, from the concept of toys to have fun shooting at empty cans aligned at a close distance, to professional hunting devices including in them, lights, night vision, and even a provision for arrows!

That was perhaps the biggest surprise for me. I never imagined that a slingshot could be used for throwing arrows, although the idea is very logic, and even practical. So it seems there is a whole market for the newer, more cybernetic slingshots of nowadays, and a big number of suppliers of these devices and the ammo and arrows to be used with them.

You can see in the picture below the kind of slingshots that can be obtained today from these suppliers; all ranging from six to ten dollars, to a couple of hundreds at the high end of the scale.


2016-08-18  Slingshot (3)


And then I found that police in India has approved the use of slingshots by their forces to control the masses in riots. There is still a big polemic among the public there due to the use of slingshots in the past and having people badly hurt by these, but it seems police still consider the use of slingshots a safer way to control a riot than using fireguns, which personally I think they should be right. So that makes me wonder what would happen is police here were to use slingshots instead of fireguns. Something that definitely is not going to happen here in the US, LOL


2016-08-18  Slingshot (4)


I haven’t had time to practice with my slingshot yet, but I think if I get good at it and still have interest, maybe I will add the arrow throwing capability, just to have a different kind of fun, and maybe to try river fishing with arrows instead of the typical system.

It is kind of strange to see how the slingshot have been changed in the last couple of decades, from a simple artifact to have fun as a kid (or an adult), to a sophisticated kind of real weapon that can be used for serious hunting, and even as a safer alternative in mass control compared with fireguns, as it is used by police in India right now.



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Earth Axis

2016-08-15  Earth Axis (1)


Funny that now even NASA is saying the Earth axis is moving at a relatively fast rate. The Earth axis is shifting, and we no longer see the Sun coming out in the same place. The climate is changing, but not only because of Global Warming due to our trash and trashy ways; it is also changing because the Sun is hitting Earth at a slightly different angle, so weather becomes different in every part of the world.

I say funny because I mentioned the axis shifting as a possibility in the post “2012: The Business”, published in February 19, 2010, six years ago. At that time it was the fever about the end of the world because the Mayan calendar stopped in 2012. Maybe the Mayans somehow knew about the time of axis shifting, which means the stars will move in a different way in the sky so the calendar will no longer be accurate, and forcing astronomers and mathematicians of the future to make new calculations.

According to NASA, with the ice melting and more water running into the oceans the weight of all that mass shifts, causing the Earth to wobble slightly on its axis. Obviously they say this will have no impact in human life (you just deal with your own earthquake!). Also scientist say the shifting is going East from Canada towards the UK. Could it mean in the future a colder climate in Europe while the US could have a warmer weather?

It is a reality that lately there has been more earthquakes than normal, together with more volcanoes waking up in a bad mood. This seems to be some of the natural consequences of the axis shifting, even if it is just a few degrees. Weather also changes because it is dependent on the oceans, and if the oceans are changing due to be receiving more water from the melting ice, we have a domino effect; one thing changes and with that it changes the next, and so on.

This also means we are not 100 percent responsible for the climate change because of our trashy ways. We do make damage to the planet and create an imbalance in nature, but also the natural changes on Earth, like the ice melting, do help in this process of change. It has happened before many many years ago before there was any pollution in the planet, so it is not just us creating a mess, but rather changes that suppose to happen from time to time during Earth’s life. We know Antarctica and Africa used to be green. Still, we need to change our ways and recycle, prevent pollution in any possible way, together with returning forestation; not just to prevent climate change, but because it is just not the way to do things the way we have been doing them so far. We might be the ruling specie in the planet, but ruling doesn’t automatically imply also destroying.

I guess instead of trying to find out where it all started and who is responsible for all this changes, like axis shifting, ice melting, weather changes and so on, we should simply leave that part to scientists and for us just accept this new planetary characteristics that will change our ways of life, and adapt the best we can, together with creating more efficient ways that will stop polluting the planet.

Now I wonder when the new movies about total destruction due to axis shifting will hit theaters!



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2016-08-11  Weather (1)


The last couple of weeks the weather has been really nice here in Denver. With a high of around 80 degrees during the day; sometimes cloudy and rainy in the afternoon which drops the temperatures to around 70 degrees; and then about 60 at night, this summer has become very nice to enjoy. It really calls for long walks by the reservoir or a park, or a long drive to the mountains to enjoy the views and the breeze. So I spend time locked in a warehouse that accumulates the temperature, and for the last couple of days I’ve been working with 95 degrees! I work in a sauna!!

It feels kind of strange to be working on cars indoors with a temperature of 95 degrees. It really feels like a sauna! Or at least I’ve been sweating like a pig (I really don’t know how a pig sweats), and if I don’t use a bandanna all the sweat goes to my glasses and I can’t see crap. LOL

After finishing a customer car I worked in my van and now I’m working in the motorhome. There is plenty to do at the warehouse, so I guess I have plenty to sweat yet! The good thing is that I am completing part of the ToDo list and getting things done, but the bad part is that in the meantime I’m loosing the nice weather we are having. But it feels so nice when getting out of the warehouse, all sweat, and feeling the air while driving in the highway at 75 miles an hour with the windows down!

Somehow it is strange though. Usually we would have around 90 degrees this time of the year, and we did have it a couple of weeks ago, yet now it is so nice and sweet. But I am not complaining about this weather; mostly I am confused for the sudden change. Compared with 20 years ago the weather has become mild all year round. When we used to have heavy rains and floods in spring time; then high temperatures in summer time, to cold wind by fall and heavy snow by winter, now it seems temperatures have become less extreme throughout the year, with less rain and less snow. It slowly has been turning into a coastal type of weather! Sometimes I wonder if California finally sunk and the ocean advanced East, closer to Colorado. Maybe we have an ocean at the other side of the Rockies? Is California still there? LOL

I know California is still there because I receive a lot of marketing calls from California; or at least that’s what the caller ID shows.

But it seems to be true that there is a change in weather in relation to 20 years ago. Denver is getting mild, while other places are becoming harsh. I don’t think it is all related to pollution and the like, but rather a bigger reason that has more to do with natural changes in the planet throughout thousands of years. We know weather is always changing on Earth in its history; sometimes it had very sudden changes that created havoc among oceans, volcanoes and land. Those extremely rapid changes on Earth history meant 20 to 100 years; so we could be in one of those changes.

It is interesting to think what would happen with the weather within the next 20 years if we really are in a moment of “sudden” change. Maybe some places will loose people who will migrate somewhere else searching for warmer or colder weather, while other places will grow at a huge rate in the next couple of decades.

Maybe finally we will be able to buy cheap land in a touristic island; only we will need to take with us out coat, boots, hat and gloves! LOL



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